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Missy "Puppy".
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Missy passed away on August 19, 2007 at approximately 10 am in Savannah, Georgia. She was on a trip with her human mother at the time and suffered a sudden onset of seizures and convulsions. She was taken to the emergency animal hospital in Savannah, but was unable to be saved.


Missy came to our home in 1999. Her age was unknown. She was rescued from a puppy mill outside of Savannah, Georgia. Missy had spent most of her life crated and used as a breeder dog. She was malnourished and unable to walk in the first few weeks. However, she was a fighter. While her other four companions did not make it, Missy pulled through. The collar, which had grown into her neck, was surgically removed. Her ears were healed from where her previous owner tried using scissors to crop them. Over the next few weeks, her condition improved steadily and she finally stopped having nightmares where she'd wake up screaming.  We didn't know till we met her that dogs could have such vivid nightmares. She began to walk again and started to put on weight. Her first few trips outdoors were a challenge for her as she had only known life in a cage. She was terrified of grass as it was new and strange to her. Ultimately, she learned how to run, although she had the gait of a swimmer doing the breast stroke, with a look of pure joy on her little face. She loved rolling in the grass that she was once so terrified of.  When people came to visit she greeted them with a wagging tail and a little yip of a bark instead of running to hide from fear of being hurt.  She finally knew she was loved dearly and that nothing would ever hurt her again.  She more than reciprocated the love we showed her as we watched her bloom like a beautiful flower. It's amazing she could ever love and trust another human being again - she showed us with her willingness to love and trust again what unconditional love really is.


She became the speed cop in our home, barking at anyone else who ran. Only she was allowed to run. We couldn't help but let her lick our hands and feet because it brought her such joy as evidenced by her little wagging tail.  For some reason she loved the word, "puppy", and if you repeated it several times while she was licking you, she'd start licking twice as fast.  My husband shaves is head. One time he decided to get down on the floor to play with our gang and our little Miss decided his head needed to be buffed by her tongue.  He really didn't want her to lick his bald head, but he wouldn't deprive her of the joy of it - when he finally couldn't take it anymore and started to move she took her little paw and held his head down basically telling him, "You can't go anywhere, 'cuz I ain't done yet!".


Missy had the ability to steal anyone's heart when she came in contact with them. It was a true honor for anyone whom she decided to give a lick to. She was indeed a wonderful companion who taught others what it was like to overcome adversity, and what unconditional love really meant. Missy will always be remembered by all who knew her and sorely missed by her adoptive family. She completed her life journey and is now in the arms of Jesus. May you rest peacefully little puppy.




I love lazy afternoons napping on the couch. If you want to cater to me, you can peel me a grape. And bring me a little something to drink too.


Remember, this is MY couch!

This is MY pillow! You can't have it back!

Min-Pin Gang