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Min-Pin Gang

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Taz the Spaz
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This is MY page!


I'm Desert Tasmanian Devil, but my friends call me Taz. Sometimes they call me Taz the Spaz, but I don't know why. Just because humans don't move as fast as I do, they start making up tag lines for me. It can be really annoying!


This is my good buddy Pharoah. He used to live with us. Mom and Dad sent him to live with another family as their friend Cleopatra "Cleo" was lonely. Cleo's mate died. It was a sad day for her. Pharoah went to live with them and Cleo was so happy. She started running around and even taught us how to use a little door that let us go outside whenever we wanted. Cleo is smart.

Of course, there was this tiny little fact that I kept shoving Pharoah into the pool. You see, a Basenji (which is the breed of dog Pharoah is) can't swim. Nope! They sink like a rock. Clear to the bottom of the pool. And I could trick him by looking into the pool, as if something were interesting in there. When Pharoah would come over and look in the pool, I'd go behind him and push him in with my head. He got wise one day though. He wouldn't look in the pool. So I got his favorite chew bone and dropped it in the pool. Well, he had a tough time deciding, but he finally came over and looked in the pool. I heard my mommy yell that the dog was drowning again and daddy had to jump in the pool to save him... again. Pharoah finally learned how to swim. Daddy taught him. Darn it! But, do you know what he did? He went to live with Cleo and the very first day, he pushed her into the pool. Her mommy is teaching her how to swim.


This is me striking a pose for the camera. Don't I look regal? They call me the King of Toys. I don't know what they mean by toy. I'm certainly no toy. I'll fight any dog that dares to TOUCH my toys!


This is Ethan. I like Ethan. He appears at times almost, I don't know.... canine sometimes. We weren't sure who this belonged to so we had to get a good look and sniff. I think it belonged to Ethan.


Sometimes, I get a little angry. If I get mad at you, then I'll ignore you for a while. That will teach you not to ANNOY me!

Min-Pin Gang