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Min-Pin Gang

Sasha aka Tigger
Sam the Cute One
Sasha aka Tigger
Taz the Spaz
Missy "Puppy".
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Hi. I'm Sasha. I'm a little shy, but don't let that fool ya. I WILL protect my mommy if I have to. People come around that I don't know and I bark and growl until mommy tells me it's ok. I still keep a wary eye on them though.





These pictures were taken of me shortly after I was rescued during Hurricane Katrina. Those were scary times for me. I didn't know who to trust or what to do. My first mommy couldn't keep me any longer. So she had to give me away. I cried the first few days. Then, my NEW mommy and daddy came along. They loved me so much and they took me home. And what a home. I have TEN acres to play on. A lot of that has trees. Still, there's a whole world out there. I spend a lot of time looking for ways to go explore it.


This is me playing with my daddy. He loves me a lot and I worry him sometimes, 'cause I'm a good escape artist, and I try to go exploring on my own. However, I always go back to him cause I know he loves me so!  He calls me his "Little Tigger" because I jump up and down on my back legs when he comes home.

Min-Pin Gang