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Min-Pin Gang

Sam the Cute One

Sam the Cute One
Sasha aka Tigger
Taz the Spaz
Missy "Puppy".
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Hi. I'm Sam. Mommy calls me the cute one. Daddy says when God asked if I wanted brains or to be cute, I said "CUTE! I wanna be CUTE!" Maybe it's 'cause I can't remember the coffee table is made of glass when I raise my head up. BANG! I keep hitting it. Oh well.


I was rescued with my daughter Sasha during Hurricane Katrina. I am still really scared when big storms come along. The lightning and thunder and the sound of the rain are really really scary. My mommy and daddy let me cuddle up with them at times when I get real scared. Taz runs around barking at the thunder like he can bite it or something. And they say I have no brains. HA! I finally learned that baths are not a bad thing and I won't drown. If you ever travel through Spring Hill, Florida, go to The Barking Lot. Tell them Sam, Sasha, Taz, and Missy sent you. They are really nice ladies and always give me a little bandana to wear after my bath.

Min-Pin Gang